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  1. Thanks, Fred! I am hoping to create most of my projects roughly life-size but I am mainly concerned about the small, thin details. Will it harm the clay/kiln to leave wires in while I fire it? I'm wondering this because I have already completed a piece with wires in it (they caused a lot of troubles with cracking but I patched that up) and I don't want to break my clay or the school's kiln. It is somewhat thin, maybe 3mm, and buried in the clay and it is already dried. I don't think it would be possible to remove it without destroying the piece. Thank you for all your help! I'd love
  2. I am brand new to sculpting and I need to get a few more pieces in my portfolio to get accepted into an art program. I decided to begin using ceramics and earth clay instead of oven-bake polymer clay and I really need help on how to keep my clay from cracking around my armature. I don't know what materials are safe in a kiln and what materials will make my clay explode. I sculpted a hand with a wire armature and as it was drying it started to crack. I looked it up and found out that I need to have room for shrinkage and ways to help is to wrap newspaper around the wire. Is it safe to put newsp
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