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  1. Hello everyone, sorry for the delay but I’m just finally finding time to update you on the wheel. The commutator stone works to silence the noise, although I’ve been having to use it every week or two because it starts up again after use. I got one like this https://www.mscdirect.com/product/details/48990741 I have a theory, though. Last night when I was using the stone, I accidentally pressed on the brush itself when trying to get the stone to the commutator, and the noise stopped. Like I said in an earlier post, I think the brush itself (or possibly the metal bracket it resides in) is what is vibrating. The stone must be cleaning whatever is building up on the commutator to make the brushes (or brush) vibrate. I also have a point to make about the response of “these are big industrial motors, they make noise”. The marketing info for the ssx controller says multiple times that it makes the wheel “quiet”, or “quieter”. My point is simply that this marketing is misleading and dishonest if the wheel makes the noises mine is making. It’s not quiet, and certainly not quieter than any other wheel I’ve used (I’ve used lots of wheels), or even the one at MN clay that didn’t have the ssx upgrade. And it probably goes without saying, I’m pretty irritated that I went through the trouble of bringing my wheel in to replace the motor and controller when it seems pretty apparent now that it was a waste of time. Why doesn’t Skutt just tell people to use the stone? Give people a stone with their purchase? Better yet, use different motors or brushes that don’t have this problem?
  2. Thanks Neil, but I’m still not exactly sure how to use one of those. I got one a few weeks ago but have been hesitant to stick it in the motor. You leave the brush in place and put the stick next to it? Or take the brush out and put the stick in where the brush was? Do you have the motor turned on and rotating or off and manually spin it?
  3. Okay well the motor and controller have been replaced, and it sounded perfectly fine for about a week. It has since started making the same metallic vibrating noise, I will attach another video. There is a whine which sounds normal to me, but at certain speeds something metal is vibrating. I have reason to believe it’s the housing for the brushes, or possible the brushes themselves but I can’t say for sure. It sounds too metallic to be the brushes themselves. https://youtu.be/Gs1LZ5-SJoA
  4. I think Perry meant a bearing in the motor, not under the wheel head. I’m fairly certain he asked me whether I’ve walked the belt off and ran the motor, which I have and it still makes the noise.
  5. Thanks Neil. I’ve been too busy to take it into MN clay to have them check it out, but got a call from Perry a few weeks ago. He said he thinks it’s in the bearings and they are sending a new motor to MN Clay. In light of what you’ve just said (that all of your Skutt wheels have required the use of the commutator stick) I hope you can tell me specifically whether the noise my wheel is making is the type of noise your wheels have made, or whether you think it’s something else (like a bearing). I would rather not take my wheel out to MN Clay AND still have to buy a commutator stick for the new motor they put in. If you can’t really tell without hearing it in person, I would understand. I’m just trying to maybe avoid more time and money spent, if I can. Also, to those in this thread I have not responded to: my original post was intended to get opinions of people who own or use these wheels and find out what a “normal” noise is for them. I should have been clearer about what I was asking. Thank you for your thoughts and opinions though!
  6. @neilestrick Thanks for the info. It is running counter clockwise in the video, you don’t even want to know what it sounds like in reverse.
  7. Hey Neil, Do you think it still just needs time to seat the brushes after using it this much use (what I described in my earlier post)? Skutt hasn’t said anything about it getting quieter, so that’s what’s got me worried I’m going to sound like this forever. Also, did you get a chance to get those photos of using the commutator stone? Thanks
  8. Thanks for the input guys. I have tried running it overnight multiple times since having the wheel, counter clockwise and clockwise. It has not quieted the noise, although lately it does seem like it generally takes a couple minutes of running before it starts making the noise. This has never seemed like a direct result of running it overnight though. I have probably 20-30 hours of working in the wheel in addition to running it overnight 3-4 times. There has been no noticeable change in the noise except the few minutes of relative quiet after the wheel has been shut off for a while. The pedal does the same thing no matter what the settings are on the controller. I have tried adjusting them multiple times. It seems to be an issue with the potentiometer (which has been replaced) or possibly how the controller is receiving the signal from the potentiometer. Last week I was able to use a zip tie around the potentiometer to stop it from ever reaching the point where it slows down. Seems to be working fine with that but I don’t really want this as a permanent solution. I’d be interested in trying the commutator stone. I don’t want to void the warranty so maybe I should ask Skutt whether it would or not.
  9. 5 year parts and labor. Not sure if the warranty counts for things they claim to be “normal” though. A while before I got the wheel, I bought a pair of over-ear Bluetooth headphones for working in the studio. It makes the wheel tolerable to use, although the pedal is still not right.
  10. I got a new Skutt Elite wheel with the SSX drive about a month ago. I love the design of the wheel and how sturdy it is, but I can’t stand the motor noise and there seems to be something wrong with the pedal control. The noise is at one (sometimes two) speeds, the wheel starts this chirping/buzzing noise. It is definitely the motor, I have walked the belt off and it makes the same noise. The pedal issue seems to be that at the top end of the pedal range, the wheel actually slows down instead of continuing to speed up. I have been talking to Daniel at Skutt, sending him videos of the wheel, and he says it sounds totally normal and hasn’t really responded to my complaints about the pedal. Continental Clay replaced the potentiometer in the pedal, which did not change or fix anything, contrary to their assurances that it did. So I uploaded the video I sent Skutt to YouTube for you folks to listen to (File size limits are pretty small on this forum). I will copy the link below. At the end of the video I try to show the motor slowing down as I reach the top end. I have seen a lot of positive reviews on this site for these wheels, most of them match Skutt’s advertising of a “quiet” wheel. I also went to Minnesota Clay yesterday and they happen to have a floor model Elite without the ssx controller. Unsurprisingly to me, it is much quieter than my wheel and the pedal works properly. I took a similar video of that wheel I can upload to show that. I plan on taking the wheel into Minnesota Clay to have them look at it (their wheel guy wasn’t in yesterday) but I wanted to get the opinions of some people on this forum who have these wheels. So thanks for reading this and for any opinions you can offer me on this wheel!
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