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  1. Thanks, Sputty! Yeah, that'd be the best way to describe it: sheet flow vs drip flow. I'm really about that sheet flow. It's also interesting that the pot on the right has drips so consistently spread apart. I have another firing tonight so I'm going to try to fire slower and see if that changes anything. Enjoyed the article, though I somewhat glazed over when it became too technical
  2. Hi all, I'm working with a dippable premixed glaze 'Rhubarb' by Coyote, which tends to have quite dramatic drips when fired. The weird thing is that between different firings, it's dripping in very different ways even though I try to have the same exact conditions. I typically dip three times because when I do less, the color tends to be very faded and I apply it over a white glaze. Cone 6. 1. Is there anything I can do to limit the amount of drip without losing vibrancy? Either adding something to the glaze or applying it differently? 2. Any idea why the drips are forming distinct lines (which I don't like) and sometimes coming down more as a whole (which I prefer)? I've contacted Coyote and they're not sure why either. Any help would be appreciated! James
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