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  1. Hi Tammy i just saw your post- I assume you already disposed of the white lead. but if you still have I would like to acquire it for non- functional work please advise ASAP gina, ginastick2@gmail.com
  2. Hello! I have a Peter pugger 20SS. Can anyone advise how to set the machine after a partial pug so I can continue pugging the rest later? Ie, after pugging a bit, do I leave the vacuum bleed valve and vacuum chamber closed, turn off vacuum and power. Then to restart pugging, not add more clay, put on mix briefly, turn on vacuum, stabilize, turn off mix and go to pug? Ie, is it best to leave valve closed? And do I start the mix cycle again even though I am mid-pugging? so, how do I continue pugging where I left off? thanks a lot!
  3. thanks everyone, all really helpful. will study up for when it arrives....and will watch the video. grateful for your help! i am in Canada and they really are not supplying the Bailey here right now.....needs CSA approval and Tucker who used to carry them isn't any longer. I know they are supposed to be great. that said, i have also heard the screens, while good, also get clogged. They would likely ship to me, but if an issue no-one to service it as no reps here. ... So likely Peter pugger...
  4. thanks for the response. this gives me the confidence now to go ahead and get the machine. it sounds less finicky than the 9SS, which i have been advised takes repeat puggings; and alot of fussing with pre=-wetting clay on boards... not sure what you mean when describing the vacuum moving into the chamber. also, i was advised by another user that the pug mill has a spiral memory, so he tried to put the clay on the wheel to re-inforce the spiral to preclude S crack..... when i start using i will revisit and likely have further questions! thanks.
  5. Hello, Can anyone advise me on the Peter Pugger VPM 20 SS, de-airing mixer pugger? i started by looking at the Shimpo NVS-o7 and was advised i can leave a hollow centre in the pug, especially with porcelain. I have heard that the 20SS is really their best model, as the paddles are different, the hopper is bigger, and also the barrel narrows 2x for superior compression. I am not a production potter so am concerned also about the size, but i was also advise i could do a 25 lb batch without compromise of quality. Most important is the quality of the pugged clay and the ease of use. Also, cri
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