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  1. @Ravenmeh Hi! They didnt work as well as I expected, I would like to try this again by making smaller cups with smaller holes. For now they are just an accent piece on my shelf. I still have yet to see a more detailed schematic on how these are made.
  2. @Pres @Sputty Here is my first attempt at these fuddling cups. I used the method to put the two cups draining into one. Hopefully this holds together when firing! I left them a bit rough to have the aged look like the screenshots in the OP. I'll report back how it works.
  3. If you have any pictures or drawings of ones that are set like this, maybe 3 or more connections I would love to see! This was my understanding too, but from Sputty's comment and pictures they look to all be interlinked. I did also read somewhere there are fuddling cups up to about 12 cups. In this case I would imagine that some are connected and others are not, which would be more of a puzzle.
  4. lol yes. The irony of being befuddled by fuddling cups is pretty funny.
  5. Thank you for this! This is exactly what I'm looking for. Now it's time to tinker in the shop.
  6. Fuddling cups. These cups are a puzzle and are interlinked in a special way. They need to be drunk in a certain order or they will spill. While I find many pictures of these cups, there are no schematics into exactly how they are linked. Puzzle jugs have schematics, but I have not found more information on how fuddling cups are joined. I also would like to see one of these in action! there I would love to replicate these. if anyone has any info that would be great! http://recedingrules.blogspot.com/2010/02/puzzle-jugs-fuddling-cups.html?m=1
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