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  1. Hi Mark, I was just talking to another Kauai art teacher today and she said she thought her friend had recently ordered clay from a supplier in Oahu. She is supposed to get back to me with that information. I'll post when I hear from her. Thanks.
  2. I have to order directly through Laguna. When the studio/classroom was created in 2000, Ceramics Hawaii was the vendor used for purchasing the kilns,clay, and supplies. Ceramics Hawaii no longer exists. If you know of a supplier on Oahu I would love that information.
  3. Laguna Clay has been extremely supportive and helpful in correcting this issue, but since I'm in Hawaii it is challenging to purchase large amounts of clay and getting stuck with a clay that I don't like, doesn't fit my needs, or causes dangerous situations (shivering-which can happen today, in a month, or years down the road). Thanks for your reply.
  4. Aloha, I currently teach ceramics in a middle school and would love to know what clay body most teachers are using in their classroom. Actually, to those veteran educators working with kids what is your favorite clay? My first few years I used Soldate 60 because that is what I inherited. I enjoyed working with this clay body, but I decided to try Laguna Buff with Sand and EM-210 White since they are low fire and I have a lot of low fire glazes. My students hated the Buff with Sand because it was rough and honestly I couldn't pull a handle from a fresh bag of clay. I then decided to try a more plastic clay and smooth clay, so now I am using Laguna White EM-210. I have encountered several issues with dunting and shivering and want to get a new clay body for next year but am unsure which clay to order. Being a teacher with over 200 students I do not have time to troubleshoot firing issues and want to purchase premixed clay and glazes to ensure successful results. I don't mind troubleshooting issues at my home studio, but I want to go with the sure thing at school and not have to worry about shivering, adding feldspar to change the ph level of my clay body, or have to play around with different firing schedules only to get bad results. Thanks in advance for your support.
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