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  1. Ok thanks gonna do another bisque firing. Will make sure I put witness cones on each shelf to verify how each shelf is firing.
  2. Thanks for the feedback Callie. My kiln pack was pretty balanced, not too dense, not too loose, but I did pack taller pieces with a little more space on top, and bowls and cups on middle and bottom. Sounds like you are suggesting packing the reverse. I can give that a shot in this next firing.
  3. Thanks for replying. I am using Amaco Potters Choice glazes. Pinholes happened with afew different glaze combos.
  4. Hi all. I am new to this forum. I just bought a Cone Art electric kiln and did my first firing. Using a Bartlett control panel and vent system. Fired to cone 6 with Amaco glazes. fired slow glaze Pieces on the top section were fine, middle and some of bottom section full of pinholes. Cones on middle shelf were slightly under fired. Would this have caused pinholing? If yes, should I program in a hold ? I don't know the cause of pinholes so could use some advice. thanks!
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