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  1. Thanks for taking the time, Mark. I appreciate it.
  2. Just off the top of your head, huh? Thanks for the info and many thanks for the application note at the end. I'm not totally up to speed on zeta potentials, so I needed the translation. You rock!
  3. Is it possible to store casting slip in the heat of summer in my garage? I live in TX, so temps get over 100 for weeks at a time. Would this have a deleterious effect on the performance of the deflocculant? Or anything else I am not thinking of? I guess it might grow mold, which would be pretty gross.
  4. I love the grolleg slip I have been using. This is kind of an interesting problem that is expanding my knowledge so I'm kind of enjoying it even as I am struggling with it. The slip is about 1 1/2 weeks old now. I think today I will measure the specific gravity again and perhaps add some grolleg to bring it up if it is low (two days after mixing it was 1.6) and then maybe add some Darvan if needed. Thanks, tinbucket!
  5. Well, that article addresses pretty much every question I have had - bookmarking it! Thanks again, Mark!
  6. Since it is already mixed up would you advise diluting with water (or perhaps even a bit of the slip mixture) and adding it that way? I will continue to try to digest the super-dense digital fire article (thanks for posting) and do some more research on Darvan. So many variables to keep in mind.
  7. Thanks, Mark. I will continue to fiddle with it - I just got worried when A. Martin said it wouldn't work at all. I might do as you suggest and mix another batch with grolleg and then combine a bit of each to see what that looks like. I mixed 14 gallons because I dislike doing it and so just try to do as much as I can at once. It's always a learning experience, which is one of the reasons I keep doing it! The only real difficulty is the settling - it is almost instantaneous and it seems like the bottom of the cast piece is always heavier than the higher sides. Would adding Darvan help wi
  8. Hello! I have run into a problem making casting slip. I have been using a tried and true recipe from an instructor several years ago for a casting slip that calls for grolleg kaolin. I mixed up a new batch and did not realize that when I said grolleg, the guy at the sales counter heard EPK. I thought when I saw the bag that perhaps it was from a different supplier so added it. Realizing that it was not at all the same in color and substance, I did some quick research and saw that it is essentially the same but will shrink a little more than the grolleg. Okay, cool. I can deal with that as I am
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