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  1. Claypio, I'm glad you asked this. I was offered a similar opportunity by a small local cafe and have no idea how to approach this. I see this as a fabulous opportunity for me in the area I live in. This would greatly increase my exposure in an art saturated community as well as my reputation in crafting quality wares. I found this article from 2012 on something similar, though larger scale, https://craftcouncil.org/post/eat-pay-love-potters-business-model Hopefully this at least has some perspective for you. I can't wait to see what others have to say about it. Also, somewhat on what Mark C. said, the cafe I'm working with is specifically focused on using and showcasing local artists. He has very limited seating with the sole intent on keeping his place small and uncrowded. In this way, he has created a place where using handcrafted dishes is more important than cheap mass produced ware and low costs. Rather than needing 50 or 100 of a type of dish at one time, his limited amount of dishes out at once means he may only need 10-20 at any given time. He's working to get away from using mass-produced goods and staying small. A place that is likely to or has the goal of growing might be more prone to dropping expensive handmade ware for cheaper-to-replace ware.
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