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  1. John, Thanks so much for all the information. The links you included are the same ones I've been finding, for the most part, and to be honest I'm just not comfortable taking on a project like that on my own. Call me chicken and you'd be right. The Sugar Creek booths look pretty interesting, although they aren't deep enough for some of my bigger platters. However, I bet it would be pretty easy to add on some depth, and that kind of project I'd feel OK about doing. Thanks for your suggestions. Marian
  2. Thanks, teardrop. I'm looking for something permanent, as most of my glaze application is done with a spray-gun. This PVC piping idea might work for creating the frame for a more permanent booth, and it doesn't require a lot of tools. Thanks for the link.
  3. I've just moved my studio to my basement, and I'm in desparate need of a spray booth. I've never constructed anything more complicated than pre-fab shelving, and have no tools to speak of, so making my own spray booth seems like a monumental, and rather unpleasant, task. I've been pouring over Craig's list for a couple of months now, but am not having any luck. Are there any pre-fab spray booths out there that might not blow my budget for the next 20 years? Or is there some other approach I can take?
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