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  1. He everyone. I'm using ^06 glaze on stoneware tiles I made, for my wooden table. No food will be eaten or prepared on the table top, so I just wanted to find out what without all think. Do I fire the glaze at ^06 or^ 6? Thanks in advance everyone. P.s. I don't have access to the test kiln to test the results.
  2. Hi all, does any of you know how many hours does an cone 06 slow bisque take and how many hours does an cone 6 slow glaze take in an electric kiln?
  3. Thanks for letting me know, but it was my auto spell. I totally understand
  4. Hi everyone do any of you have cone 6 engobe, recipes?
  5. Hi everyone, I'm drawing an blank, when I'm making an glaze recipe, and I'm using an digital scale, should I use the 0.00 reading or the 0 one? Sorry but I'm seriously am drawing an blank! All commits are welcomed.
  6. Hi I'm making the tiles myself with stoneware. I will look into the tile holders. I would like to focus on tile making after graduation the May.
  7. thanks everyone! I was worried I was bisqueing a the wrong cone. In the school studio, we bisque all clay bodies at 06 so I thought I ask what you all do. I still don't know how to use an gas kiln sadly but I'm going to read the manual as well as your posts on the gas kilns.
  8. Thank you for starting this post because I was curious also and I like opening the kiln around 200 but 300 sounds better. Late night bisques sort of suck, but I get the studio all to myself! :0)
  9. Thank you everyone! Your replies was most needed and I will put them in my new record file :0) getting new recipe here lately is like getting an bad of candy you can't wait to open up and use!
  10. Hey, Have you by any chance thought about using the sgraffito or monoprinting as an techniques to draw out your layout or design? I've just started doing sgraffito and it's really fun, and I've been having fun finding glazes which would advance my design :0) if you do use sgraffito please let me know.
  11. Hello everyone, I've been reading the various forums and a lot of you use different cone ranges to bisques and I was taught to use cone 06 for all the clay body types and I'm curious to know what cone rang do you all use for Porcelain, Stoneware and Terra Cotta?
  12. Hi, I recently started using engomes, and it works really well. I use them for tiles and I found his redish brown looking engomes color and it's really nice. Can you keep posting about your expernce with engomes, cause I'm new at it also and I'm curious to see how you make out. Plus I found some repices and let me know if you want share some! Later!
  13. Thanks Mark, I'm going to be loading an full kiln of tiles. Your pieces look good by the way :0) I wish I could be more neat in the creation of my pieces :0( or :0(
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