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  1. I have an Etsy store and it's there, as others have said, to be able to offer an online presence for those who enquire at show/fairs. Having said that, I recently read a fair bit of the guidance on SEO and making your listings easier to be found, just as the xmas buying season was starting, made a few tweaks to my listings, and suddenly had a rash of online orders from both home and abroad. I'm not talking 'retirement' level orders, but given that I had a total of 4 sales in three years, and suddenly had 12 new sales in a two-month period, I guess there's something to it. I was being found in browse as well as search within Etsy; not much from google searches. I do find that I get a lot of 'favourties' on one particular item (hand built Espresso cups) and I'm hoping longer term that these people might come back and purchase ('Add to cart' rather 'add to favourites'). I am at a point where I'm looking at technology to make my own commerce site, but I think I might keep Etsy too, as there's an in-built customer base that comes with it. It won't take me any longer to write copy or take photos for listings than for my own shop site, so other than paying a listing fee $0.20 and 3.5% selling fee, I'm not losing anything, if this is a sale I wouldn't have had otherwise. I guess if you're not sure, it's a case of "suck it and see" but do a little bit of work to establish how best to write your listings, and you may be pleasantly surprised. It might as well be there, as not.
  2. This is great. I've been meaning to look into the iBooks publishing software for a while now, and it would be interesting to know what proportion of tasks displayed here are part of that (free) software and what is done in external software (other than perhaps image editing). I think it has great potential for the visual arts and publishing, and will be looking at how it can be used for an interactive sales brochure/catalogue. So, not just in the US, Evelyne, but it needs someone to come up with the idea, which is what this project shown is.
  3. Glad to hear no major disasters! I am just about to order my first kiln and will take your experience as an advisory! I'll also be ordering cones and peephole glasses with my kiln now! Looking forward to seeing your photos.
  4. From the other side of the fence, I find it off-putting to be pounced on as soon as I pick up a piece to look at, but I also find it awkward when I get a quick 'Hi' and then ignored. Perhaps a tip is to watch for specific actions from browsers. I know that I will always pick up an item and look at the base (of, say, a cup or a bowl) to see how/if it is footed and to look at the makers mark. This sort of gives me away as being either a potter or collector, and would be a great point for a seller to strike up a conversation about the process, the mark, the finish, whatever. I find myself more likely to buy when the potter shows an interest in MY interest and is open to discussing the process etc. You just need to watch for clues!
  5. Hi folks. First posting from me; thought I'd chime in with an idea on the "what if they all turn up at once" question. How about using technology to manage that? Set up a Google calendar for each workstation that can be shared with each studio user (they get access as part of their 'membership' benefits). Then they can all see when a slot is available to come in and work. If someone books a slot and then doesn't turn up, they lose one of their set sessions for the month. If they book and cancel at short notice (say less than 24 hours in advance) and this results in the slot not being used or denying someone else an opportunity to use it, decide on a forfeit such as "three strikes and you're out" where they lose a session on third strike or something between that and immediately losing a session. Loving this forum and can't believe I didn't spot it before. I used to be on the Clayart list although a lot of it went over my head, but I picked up some knowledge that has stayed with me. Nice to see some familiar names here from that discussion mailing list. Kath
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