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  1. Hi, these have been very helpful. I'll keep an eye on the wood below the kiln but if I raise it a total of 2 feet I'm sure it will be okay, especially since it will only be at this location for a year. I think I'll use bricks because our building is having bricks replaced and there is a large pile of old bricks outside the apartment! In regards to weathering. I am installing tight canvas curtains on the sides of the deck that will let in any snow/rain. Then when I'm not using the kiln it will be tarped. I'm also thinking of making some sort of water proof wooden box to place over the kiln when not in use. I don't want to let any electrical portions of the kiln to get wet. I'm doing the best to extend this kilns life since it's my first expensive equipment purchase post graduation. I'm sorry if this thread has caused any issues! I know it's a controversial issue. The residency I was at this summer had a fire start in their 100 year old buildings roof due to poor maintenance of indoor kilns surrounded by wood. I will be vigilant of the wood and surfaces my kiln is near. Thank you all for the help! Warmly, Kaylee Anderson IG: @kayleeanneanderson
  2. Hi all! I'm currently in the process of installing a kiln. I live in the city and the kiln is going on our outdoor deck. I understand there is a fire hazard. The plan is to install a base steel sheet, a layer of cinder blocks, then a layer of bricks, and lastly another sheet of steel. This would then have the kiln stand on it. I have a small L &L easy-Fire 2.6 cu ft electric kiln. I fire to cone 04 at hottest. It will have sufficient spacing from surrounding walls. It will also be protected from weathering. I'm looking for advice on raising the kiln. Does my plan sound sufficient? Is it overkill? At most I will be firing this kiln here for a year. Thank you for your help! Warmly, Kaylee Anderson
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