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  1. Thank you both so much for your responses, it is such a generous thing to give your time and share your wisdom and it is greatly appreciated. I worked like a mad scientist on your suggestions and can't wait to fire up the kiln for the test tiles this weekend.
  2. I am a novice and want to start mixing my own glazes. I am starting simple ie mixing stains with transparent glazes so its a simple enough process so far. I do however have copper carbonate and colbalt carbonate. My understanding is the colbalt carbonate if added in a 2 - 5% mix will make a straightforward blue. But what of the copper carbonate can I add that to a transparent glaze without any other additives to make a glaze? I understand food safe issues but its not relevant for what I want to do. Thanks Anna
  3. I have a very similar wheel to this and it is a throwing wheel, works perfectly, for £50 grab it. Its a lovely thing to throw and treadle at the same time, you build up a rhythm not possible with electric wheels, that said it cant take large amounts of clay, too much clay its difficult to get the speed to centre.
  4. Sputty thanks for that the Potters Connection looks promising postage wise, and I will contact them about actual postage rates i have ordered from UK before, the issue always seems to be those who stock the cones I want charge excessive amounts for postage, last time I bought a box of cones from a company it was an ordeal. This tiny light box cost me £15 to ship and took 3 and half weeks to deliver. I worked out had this same company sent this box to Australia and someone in Aus sent it back to me it would have been cheaper and faster. My problem is I live in the north so I don,t get the standard European rates rather the excessive islands highlands and NI rates. thanks Sputty
  5. Old lady lovely offer but I live in Ireland. Neil I have difficulty with mini cones too. Thanks for the extra info, good to know I can speed the process I will try that this weekend and I will leave the top vent open. I am a novice and this website is my teacher, thanks to all for that.
  6. I have the exact same kiln. I start with the kiln on 1 for 3 hours ramp it up to 3 for another 3 hours then put it on full until the kiln sitter kicks in. For 06 bisque firing it takes around 7 -9 hours (exterior temp dependent) and for cone 7 it takes about 10 -12 hours. I leave the peep hole and vent open in both firings until there is no steam coming from the peep hole, use a mirror to check this. Then I plug the holes and leave them in until I open the kiln about 20 hours after it has switched off. My biggest issue is getting a supply of of mini bars to operate the sitter.
  7. Thank you for the responses I feel much more confident about it now. A
  8. Hi I am new to pottery i started throwing on a kick wheel in Jan and love it, i have a small manual kiln that operates on a kiln sitter and i was using stone ware and stone ware glazes but I want to change to earthenware as my kiln struggles with the higher temps. Here's my problem, the earthenware clay both white and terracotta I can get tends to have a maturing temperature of 1080 to 1160, the glazes for earthen ware tend to be between 1040 and 1060. I don't have the knowledge or experience yet to make my own glazes so I buy ready made brush on. So do I bisque to the higher clay temp and then glaze at lower temp and if I do this does the bisque ware easily soak the glaze. Many thanks fo any help you can give me, there is much to learn. Anna
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