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  1. Thank you Benzine! It is hard because I have not received a guaranteed new art room with a kiln opening date. My biggest problem aside from no kiln is lack of storage for in progress and finished work in my classroom. It was not made as an art room and can fit more flat art than 3D art. There are no shelves for clay in progress work. I am located in Southern California.
  2. storage is a huge factor. My current classroom has no set up for clay making esp. the stages of clay-making.
  3. I am a high school ( mixed grades 10-12) art teacher whose specialties include drawing, painting, and photography. I took a ceramics class in high school and one in college. I asked for training over the summer but did not receive it. I am looking into training through night/weekend classes through a local ceramist/ art teacher. The biggest challenge of starting to teach Ceramics (as a full day class and as an elective class) is that the new art room that will have a kiln and a throwing wheel and space (hopefully) for clay projects is not done yet. We started school early August and I have been told we might have a kiln ready earliest around Thanksgiving time. I am not expecting one until maybe next semester. I went from having 17 students in my day class to 11 after explaining that we do not have a kiln yet. So far we have only been able to use self-drying clay, which works alright but is nothing like the real process of ceramics and the clay once dry is so fragile it breaks very easily. Any advice for curriculum/projects without a kiln that can keep up the interest of the students left? And help prepare them for the real thing? Also, if anyone has a ballpark number for how much ceramics supplies will cost and what the best place to get them from is that would be very helpful as I am working on our new budget for the year. Thank you for any advice!
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