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  1. In very warm weather I open the window in my kiln shed, as well as the top of the Dutch Door to allow for more air flow. I also have a down draft vent to the outside. My shed is 12x20. I have not had any issues, but then again I have not fired in temps over 80 degrees.
  2. Thank you! Just glazed a few pieces to test next week.
  3. Has anybody used underglazes under a clear crackle Raku?
  4. I have an old outhouse on my property. I am gradually filling it with rejects. I figure some thousand years from now some archeologist will dig it up and wonder what wacko civilization it is he discovered!
  5. Big goof in my studio---but my mistake! My DIL wanted to know if there was a cracked piece of bisqueware that my granddaughters could paint. I told her where a large 27" craved platter was that had a small crack that they could paint. My directions were not clear when they dropped by to get the platter---I was gone and had told her where to grab it from. The wrong one was taken and painted. Anybody know if one can remove acrylic paint easily from bisque or should I just make another. My poor DIL is so upset---but I am just laughing a bit about it. And I learned my lesson: BE THERE.
  6. Thank you so much---good comparative info!
  7. Hello all! I am going to be purchasing an Extruder. Any recommendations on which is the easiest to operate (getting old here!) and easiest to clean? I used one eons ago in my college ceramics. Thanks!
  8. Lots of good input, thanks so much! As this is not my first studio, I have all the equipment (though do we ever have all we need?) and a solid idea of my personal work flow and space needs. The main workspace is actually a bit larger than I would like (adds a few extra steps!) but I am building it looking at future property resale value---it will be designed to easily convert to a three car garage with workshop and office when I am dead and gone. I do not want it to look like a converted garage, but a space designed for my work and enjoyment. I am lucky in that I have an excellent contractor and an architect who understand function and clean space. I will be participating in local studio tours and will be the host sales space for other local artists during these tours, but not sharing actual workspace on a regular basis. Air filtration is a big deal to me, not only for my lungs sake, but for my granddaughters as well---they both love playing in the mud, but not sure how serious either will be. Meanwhile, I want their little lungs kept healthy! The kilns will be individually vented, and the kiln room in addition to having an opening window, will also have an exhaust system. LED lighting is the way to go I believe, and built in with the addition of plenty of ceiling receptacles to add hanging fixtures if needed as suggested! One of my pre-requisites is lots and lots of outlets! Having everything possible on wheels is definitely a must, yes! No separate glazing room---just a totally separate area off the kiln room entrance; however the kiln room large enough to mix glazes in. Does anybody have any plans or know a source of plans for wheel tables? You know, where the wheel is inset in a surround? My google skills must be poor, because I can't seem to find any.
  9. Thank you! We are planning a large double work sink with a sludge trap for both sinks to drain into. I am on a septic system, so really have to be careful. I will, besides the under-sink trap, be using the ol' pvc pipe set upright in the drain trick! I recently installed LED lighting in my home, and love it. The only question I have, is that it is not "mobile" should I decide to move work tables, slab roller, wheel location etc. after being in the studio for a while, which is why I am considering the LED shop lights, (which I currently have in my existing space.) So much to consider!
  10. I am meeting with an architect this week who will be designing my new studio. The concept is this: a main clay workspace that is 36x36'; a closed off, but connecting 44x16' space that will be divided up into "clean" studio with office, a kiln room and a storage room. There will be a small bathroom, and heat throughout (heated concrete floor), but no cooling. The sealed off kiln room will be ventilated to the outside in addition to having an opening window (two electric kilns). My raku kiln is outside. My concerns are: ---ventilation in the clay space: I plan on having multiple opening windows, as well as a double garage door that can open for clay deliveries and airing out. I very conscious of dust, and clean up continuously, but you know how it is! I am on the water, so there is often a breeze to help/hinder when windows are opened. Suggestions? ---lighting? There will be multiple solar tubes installed, clerestory windows all around. Right now the debate is: Built-in ceiling LED lighting (flood) or use hanging LED Shop lights that can be moved/adjusted if need be. Shop lights require cleaning..built in's not so much. Thoughts? I do about 50/50 handbuild and wheel work...any other thoughtful advice in this planning process? ---This is not my first studio, but it is the first I have built from scratch and I am very excited.
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