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  1. OK this may sound sillly but I would like to know at what temperature do most folks open their kiln??? My L&L says to wait until it is 250 F or below to open. So of course I open as soon as it hits 250 because one more second of waiting is just too much. But I get the feeling others wait for a much lower temp. So what is the consensus?
  2. Hi I am a new potter of 6 months and have a little studio. I loved the idea of this glaze but have ruined many a piece with it. Even one of my teachers has not had much luck with it. I will agree that it has to go on thick ....It will look way to thick. I had one piece that came out beautiful with it. I put oatmeal on the inside of a utensil holder and anceint jasper on the outside. I put a little oatmeal on the lip and it really did nicely. Lots of blue cream and a little redish tinges here and there. Haven't been able to repeat.
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