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  1. Forgive me im a little confused, I only glazed one side of this, so does that mean if I used a glaze that contains zinc, even the underside(unglazed) clay body would turn this color?
  2. I’m lost. I used Bermuda green mason stain in my porcelain clay body and it turned dark grey. I fired to cone 6. When I mixed it I used about half pound of stain to 7 pounds of a thick slip once wedged I get about 6 pounds of clay. I mix it with a mixer and then wedge it very well. I’ve never had issues before with any other colors. I used amaco clear glaze on top. I don’t believe it’s the glaze(maybe I’m wrong) because even sections I didn’t glaze are dark grey. Someone please shed some light on this and help me achieve the right color before I lose my mind
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