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  1. is it possible to use rice husk from a local rice farmer and burn your on to make your ash. the rice grown here in Louisiana is white rice. The rice fields are burned when finished in the fall so getting the husk would be no problem
  2. i have read about a lady adding oil, unknown kind, to her electric kiln to get a better color to glazes. wouldn't that be harmful to the kiln. i would love to have more color esp. in reds but not ruin my kiln
  3. I was firing my bisque to 06 changed to 04 and I hardly ever have a pinhole. I use a lot of amaco PC and a few others in that line. love the mixing to get the look I want. I have layered on Albany slip and acai and it is beautiful almost looks like a wood fired glaze. I have a skutt electric. cone 10 is what I fire, I use amaco #38. I have been looking at some cone 5-6 clay but just haven't made the change yet as I have just mixed up a 4 gallon bucket of yellow salt blue that our teacher came up with at ULM. it is really nice in reduction it will have a soft matt finish with brown flecks and streaks of light blue where thicker but mor soft off white with the darker flecks. but at oxidation it is has a light blue with a little more sheen all over it.still lovely but I like the reduction look the best. the school has a huge beast of a gas kiln.
  4. I have used the amaco shino glaze and fired it at cone 10 it looked really good. electric kiln. as a matter of fact I have been testing cone 6 glazes at cone 10 on my amaco 38 white glaze they are great most so far have done very good. using the potters choice glazes and testing on some plates and a few cups
  5. I refired a awful green teapot I had made, the teapot was a cool shape but the kids at ULM fired it to cone 6 instead of o6 bisque. well I glazed it as a test but didn't like the color, ugly green, well I checked if it would pour nice it did, so I dried it out and took it back to my little studio and put some blue rutile on it. and refied to cone 10 with some glazed pieces, that teapot exploded into about a million pieces and this is my 3rd firing of my new kiln. the only part left that was recognizable was one inch or so of the spout and the green handle. live and learn. I will never refire anything.
  6. I have a big pot I threw and burnished that is really burnished,was going to raku changed my mind it is a cone 10 clay will it take a glaze okay.
  7. i have a very large pot dried clay that i have burnished and need to fire it is a cone 10 clay. was going to raku but changed my mind what now can i fire it and glaze it

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