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  1. Thanks all. Yes, I talked to a friend this morning who's an electrician and he's helping me run a separate line and outlet. The last thing I need is a fire. I'm screening in the covered porch and will probably get some tarps that I can roll down in bad weather to keep it out. I have a BBQ grill cover over my glass kiln and will do the same with the Cress. Thanks again for all the answers, I really appreciate it.
  2. BTW, I just checked specs. and both kilns are 1800 watts.
  3. I recently ordered this kiln: http://www.bigceramicstore.com/cress-bt711h-kiln.html, thinking I could upgrade the breaker from 15 to 20 amp (outside GFCI outlet on a covered porch), only to find out the wiring to the outlet is 14 gauge and would need to be 12 to handle 20 amps. They recommend 20 amps for this kiln but it doesn't say it's required. I also have a Paragon Fusion 7 Glass kiln and have used this outlet going to max temp. (1700 deg.) for pot melts many times with no problems. I usually fire my glass overnight with nothing else running and would do the same with ceramics in the Cress. Am I going to have a problem tripping the 15 amp breaker? The cost of upgrading the wiring to handle a 20 amp breaker has me worried. Thanks
  4. Got the answer at Davens here in Atlanta. I was told you can make a plaster mold out of pretty much anything and the acrylic coating won't affect it at all.
  5. Newbie here. I'm going to try slip casting and was wondering about the materials used for my master (is that the right term?). I'll be doing small figurines (about 7 to 8 inches tall) and they'll be separated for mold making and pouring. The sections will be head, torso w/out arms, arms, and finally legs w/feet from the waist down. I see videos of plaster molds made with the master formed using modeling clay that is leather hard and was wondering if that is the only option? I've made a couple of models already using a high quality air dry clay that has hardened and then been coated with clear acrylic spray. I was going to make silicone molds and resin pour them but my daughter does ceramics and I love the slip casting process. Are these "hard" masters usable or are they too brittle? Is the acrylic coating an issue concerning the plaster? The coating makes them quite strong actually. Thanks!
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