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  1. Anyone have tips on teaching new students to throwing how to keep their hands still. I tell them to brace their elbows on their thighs etc. I also say make a fist so they can understand that they need to contract their forearm muscles. Any other ideas?
  2. This might not be the right forum if not let me know. I plan to travel to Oaxaca in February 2020. Wonder if anyone knows of a studio which I can use maybe twice a week. I know there are touristy workshops and I am interested in the local clay artists but this is not what I’m asking.
  3. I want to make planters using black stoneware clay. I think I’d like to try white terra sig as decoration among other ideas.Anyone out there have any examples.
  4. I'm interested in feedback on using earthenware in making of casseroles for ovenware. I glaze fire to cone 04. In the past I've made casseroles but I've received negative comments from fellow (stoneware) potters. Thanks for your comments.
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