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  1. Funny as I am also looking at that very same kiln an can not find any information on the "P" either. I was told this model is 7 to 8 years old, Its between this one and a very gently used 10 Skutt digital. My 40 year old Skutt just quit working so I am very wary of buying another model as that is all I have ever used. ANyone have any thing to add? Thanks to all! B
  2. Great thanks Neil! Yes Skutt did send me a manual that will work just now. turns out its over 45 years old. it was just refurbished before i got it so it looks brand new-i belonged to a little old lady who had a small shop in her garage. Studio is all wired, need to get insulation and paneling up, then stain and seal floor and ill be ready to work! Thanks again! Bridget Karmakee Farm
  3. New to this forum today! I was gifted a Skutt Electric Kiln model 231 Its been 30 years since i used a kiln and this came with no manual and needs the cord replaced. Ive email Skutt for the manual but so far no reply and i am still looking. My first question is about the cord. Best place to find a new one? Second question is this a three stage or single stage and does anyone use on of these that can give me some pointers? Thanks all ! Bridget Karmakee Farm Karmakeefarm.com
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