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  1. Talk about getting lucky. I went over to her house and I wanted to give her something so I brought a tealight candle holder I made in my first pottery class. She gave me the wheel, 10 bats and the splash pan and I expressed my extreme gratitude (I was in tears) and then gave her the little gift explaining it's origin. She was so sweet and was like, "Sometimes you get to make someone happy, and that is better than money. I will pray you get the wheel working." I got the wheel home and just wanted to touch it - even with that terrible noise - so I set her up and turned her on and she was just SHRIEKING and I turned her on full speed and took her back to the 0rpm position and the noise was - gone. G O N E. It is still gone. Off, on, forward, reverse.... No noise ever. Tomorrow I am going to throw something! I will let you guys know!!!
  2. Thank you again. I had actually decided to move on. I sent a message to the sellers explaining all that I had found out and the response from my local shop (with flooded wheels) and Shimpo re: the motor. I offered to forward all the information I had gathered and explained that while someone may be able to fix the wheel up, it sadly was not me and I wished them good luck in finding the right buyer. Then this morning I received a message back and the woman said, basically, "I don't feel right selling something that might not ever work and after talking it over with my husband we have decided to give it to you. Hopefully, you can work with it." So they GAVE me the wheel. My plan it to try all the easy cheap fixes and then maybe to talk to a local engine repair place. I want to keep cost minimal in the case that this wheel is a dead end, but I am excited to have a project and a possible wheel!
  3. I just realized I didn't put the asking price for the wheel - it's $575. I also found out today that when I was told it was just rusted from humidity, welcome to southern Louisiana, that area flooded heavily in August and the wheel may have actually been under water for a few days. I spoke with a local shop who also flooded in those floods and the expressed that they found most of their older wheels (including a few RK-10) would cost more to fix than replace. I'm nervous because at that price I am half way to a NEW wheel. I think that I am torn between waiting longer, which feels impossible, and trying to get something used now. I did offer to give the seller all of the information I have collected to help him try to fix it. I just can't risk it, I'd be heartbroken if I scooped that wheel up and the poured so much money in that I could have gotten a new one... EEEK. Big decisions are rough!
  4. Update: Thank you all for your suggestions. At the same time that I asked you guys for advice I also reached out to Shimpo directly and the man was super quick to respond. He viewed my video and wrote the following: So listening to your wheel, it sounds like it the brushes in the motor. I say that, because the while the wheel is in the 0 position, it's making that horrible noise. Unfortunately, I don't have a solution on how to check the brushes on those motors. They were discontinued by us, around 20 years ago. I said on your voicemail, there were a couple of things. When re-listening to your video, I think it is just that one issue - the brush sound. The only advise I can offer is, if you have a motor repair company somewhere near you, they may have some insight. I'm sorry I don't have more information to offer you. Sadly, I think I will have to pass and wait on a different wheel to pop up on craigslist of Facebook.
  5. Thank you, I actually found that link. The thing is that nothing I can find, in forums or online, address when the wheel screeches at a stop... Like a high pitch ear ring, and then as you let her loose she is quiet and seems to work fine, only to screech again when you slow her down to a crawl or stop. Hmmm...
  6. Hello! I am new to the forums, and to pottery in general - but I am in love! I realized quickly that continuing classes was not going to work for me for several reasons, the on-going cost and the fact that one day a week was not enough time at the wheel! I have been looking for a used wheel and have found a Shimpo RK-10 Super wheel. I'm not going to lie it seems in rough shape, but I am hopeful that you guys can give me some advice on what could be going on and if it's worth the price. So here it goes: the wheel runs nicely, but squeals when it is in the "off" (turned on, but stopped) position. It also continues to ever-so-slowly spin though it should be stopped. It also has some humidity rust to it and I wonder if the housing can be refinished - not that I really care! I kind of love the wheel, but am scared that my excitement is causing me to rush ahead. I have attached some photos, and have a video of the squeak/squeal. Not sure how to share my video and my pictures would not load so I am putting the YouTube link here: https://youtu.be/9Z74XkrbRJM <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/9Z74XkrbRJM"frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Thank you so much for your help! Sonya "Lucky"
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