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  1. The entrance is off the upstairs hallway so access is no problem, and behind the pop-n-shoot basketball there is a window, plus I have led tape rope along the edge of the ceiling, and two ceiling fan lighting fixtures. I'm wondering if I need to do anything different with the flooring? Throwing wet clay is one thing but I think I'm more pondering the dust from dried wares and how I might fight that battle.
  2. Does anyone have their Studio on the 2nd floor of their house? I have the bonus room above the garage that I made into the kids playroom but for some reason they just don't use it, so I'm thinking about making it into my throwing studio. I live in the Memphis area so my garage can get super cold in the winter and I was thinking having an active Kiln in the garage can limit when I can throw and how wares dry. As you can see in the pic I'm using interlocking foam floor squares in the bonus room. Any advice would be most appreciated.
  3. Thanks for that link, I've been looking for some good tools like these.
  4. What are your favorite tools that you use?
  5. @preeta In my mind I was referring to throwing. Any handbuilding from me would just be a close resemblance of The Blob or the Toxic Avenger.
  6. Man, this app looks to be crazy complicated. I've used a number of Adobe apps for various things but this appears to blow them out of the water...
  7. Tell me what your favorite clay is to work with and post and example of what you made.
  8. Do you find when using an octagon shaped kiln you lose space compared to a square kiln?
  9. Hi all, I'm new to the forums and I'm getting ready to buy a new wheel and kiln and wanted to get everyone thoughts on brands and models. What to stay away from, what you like... As far as the kiln I'm looking at least 18" in height. Thanks
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