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  1. Hi everyone, it has been a few weeks and wanted to provide some more feedback for the future buyers that may want some feedback. First of all, the assembly required for the Pro-50r was a lot more than I expected. I kind of thought it would be assembling the top to the bottom.. nope it was full on installation including the belts. Second, I was missing 2 parts which made the installlation annoying. By the time I was done, I had to undo it all because the belts were off and needed to be redone. Instruction were not easy to follow. I actually suggested them to do a video. For the wheel.
  2. Thanks everyone for their input! that is very helpful... I really went back and forth between the TS prodigy and the VL Lite. Here is where i am at. I ruled out the shimpos because of the made in china part. I like to put my money in locally made products. I ruled out pacifica based on low warranty I stuck with skutt/TS and Bailey. I am now considering upping my budget to get the Bailey PRO-50r which seems to be a good combination of quiet and quality with 10 years warranty for under 1k. I never considered that the drainable, large pan could be less messy. In my set up, sounds like it
  3. Hi everyone, I have been doing lots of research around buying my first wheel and need a bit more advice. I have been upping and upping my budget as I researched more but I have reached a max and now, and feel more lost..yet need to make a decision. If anything thought this may be helful info to regroup in one thread. I do intend to keep this wheel for long. I am not able to find any used wheels in my area (IL and surroundings) and don't mind the idea of buying new tbh. I know most advise to get nicer wheel but that is not an option now. I have already pushed my budget. if I find myself at s
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