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  1. Hi Fred, I did. If I don't press the plunger in the control box won't turn on at all. So because of the red light coming on I know the kiln sitter sending power to the control box. I just went down stairs to check it again to make sure I didn't forget to do that.
  2. Not yet. I just ran into this problem today so theyre all closed, and tomorrow is a holiday. Just wanted to see what others thought first.
  3. Also it looks like the relay was changed at some point so maybe they replaced it with the wrong one? I can't find any wiring maps for these kilns, or photos of what the relay should look like, so I have nothing to compare it to.
  4. For some back story, I acquired an AIM kiln model #2327hc (never heard of them until I got this one) about 5 years ago from someone who had it in their basement. It's been in my basement since then until I just made space to hook it up. It hasn't been fired in at least 7 years so I had no idea if it would work. And it doesn't. I switch the kiln on and a red light comes on indicating power. I flip the other switch to "Run" and nothing happens. The kiln doesn't heat up, click, or the percentage lights and "HEAT" light doesn't come on. I have a Skutt kiln at my work that I've done work on, so I'm familiar with how the kiln should be sounding and responding. The interesting thing about this aim kiln is when I go to switch it off, for a spirit second inbetween moving the switch from on to off I hear the clicking sound that the relays make when pumping electricity into the elements. I'm pretty sure the wiring is fine, the kiln sitter is fine, I'm just not sure if the relay is the issue or if the circuit board in the Fireright is broken. It's an old kiln and things are dusty, but visually nothing looks broken. Based on some mis-matching screws I can tell someone did repairs on this before, but I honestly have no idea when the last time this was used. Does anybody else have an oldish aim kiln or a fireright jr controll box? Let me know if you've run into problems like this on other kilns even. Thanks! Pardon any misspellings, this is on my iPhone. -Ben
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