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  1. Well I do purchase food grade for my boards. So then do most Potters coat the ribs with "linseed" or other oil?
  2. Hi, is it recommended to coat my wooden ribs and rollers with mineral oil as I would my wooden cutting boards? Or is it not nessecary. Thanks for help !!
  3. I have been wondering the same thing. A couple pieces at a time I have washed no problem. But, what about my big basket of clay and glaze covered rags?
  4. Thanks so much, looks like some light sanding took care of it. I will definetly go thinner next time. s.
  5. Good morning, I am new to electric kiln firing and as such kiln wash. Bought some that was mixed from a local studio and applied 3 coats. First one may have been a little thick so I thinned up the latter coats. After drying each layer I have noticed some cracking on the surface. What should I do ? Should I sand it till no longer visual. It is sparatic on some but not all of the shelves. Planning on doing a bisque fire soon. Thanks so much for help !!
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