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  1. i am curious to know the results...
  2. It is fascinating, for sure! I am firing at 03 and the terra sig is beautiful, verry good results! Don't know for other firing...
  3. Marcia: Yes, your answer illuminates my understanding! The text from Lamaridiana too! Tks for that! I just fired test tiles with my white terra sig at 1.22 and my red terra sig at 1.02. Everything seems OK, no peeling , seems to cover well, beautiful finish, beautiful colors. So specific gravity is not such a big problem for me, I think ... Also, I observed that oxides mix better with terra sig than Masson stains. Does anyone have a solution for that? Thank you so much again!
  4. No one to answer my big question?
  5. Wow, tks Marcia you are so generous! We finally come to the big question ... I have consult a lot of videos and recipes on the web and I am still confused! How come some arrive at very good results without too much precision and with little waiting times while others have a precise technique worthy of a laboratory with times that goes as far as 72 hours with specific gravity mesures? Is there a kind of mysticism around Terra sigillata? Extra-precise not necessary chemistry? Tks again folks for your generosity!
  6. Tks Marcia, but the one at 122, I have to add water in it?
  7. Hi everybody, I made my two first batch of terra sig, one red and one white. I followed the Kari Raddash instructions from Clayflicks videos. I have two nice product to work with but before using them, I have to verify the density... I learn from another great potter that the target is around 114 gr for 100 ml to get the good density. So, I weithed my sigs with a measuring cylinder and a precise scale and one is 102 gr/100 ml and the other one 120 gr/100 ml. ! is that verry bad? I mean, I can use them like that? It mean that that did something wrong? Solutions? tks
  8. Thank you all! Lots of test to do!
  9. Gb 20 gr carbo cobalt 2 gr milk
  10. I am trying to make a matte wash with oxide for low firing. I tried a GB wash but it became glossy when firing. Any ideas or recipes ? Just oxide with water ? Gum ?
  11. Thanks everybody, lot's of test to do !!!
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