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  1. If you're looking for copper reds, many an undergraduate student is advised to start with a celadon base glaze and add copper. Celadons were traditionally used on stoneware clay (think Koryo dynasty in Korea), not red clays. A tiny amount of iron from the clay body leaching into the glaze is the source of the green. If you start adding it to the glaze itself, it becomes too intense very rapidly. In my experience, the iron will overpower the copper. That's not to say you won't get an appealing colour of some kind, it just won't be the effect you're looking for here.


    Let me get this straight. Do you begin with a Celadon glaze that already has 2% iron in it, or do you get the iron from the clay body and the copper is added to a plain clear glaze to get the copper red?


  2. I buy whatever I need. But, I have a moral stance against wasting.  I am soaking it now. I will let you know what happens


    I am a great believer in walking softly on the back of the Earth. I recycle all my clay, I use rain water, I save my glaze washings, but some things you cannot do. Like recycling wax resist. Good on you for trying.


  3. Great thank you. Is this also called "smalt" in some way? I came across a company that sells this stuff and in their file they use that word, which of course is similar to the "esmalte" word in Portuguese. Just wondering if there's a difference between that and China Paint.

    Do not know the word smalt. Sounds kind of antiquated. Maybe European. You could also look up enameling.


  4. Baaah, you little stinker... :D You should give terracotta a chance! ^_^ I mean... redart with mica? It SPARKLES. And it's RED. And it's like buttah.

    I have been wanting to look into luster, but I'm chicken and it's suuuu expensive!


    I've got a crap load of old earthenware clay, bagged up, rock hard dry that I am going to reconstitute and then fire Majolica. But then those stoneware and porcelain glazes keep sucking me back in. So beautiful...so little time.. so beautiful...[sound fades out].


  5. It is important to know the temperature at which the brick was fired to. Once this is determined, I think you could spray glaze on for that temperature and re-fire the.

    The temp. is probably as low as the manufacturer could go to harden the bricks into permanency.

    I would start with cone 04-I am just guessing

    You do not want to fire so hot that the brick becomes molten.


  6. I'm so old I can remember being happy to get 6 bucks for a mug.


    But lately I tend to price mugs in the upper 20s, unless it's one of my favorites.  The first mug below is priced at $28.00, the second at $60.00


    Of course, these are entirely subjective, but that's one of the good things about being your own boss.


    I hate to say it, but I like the one on the left better. Colour. Placement of handle. Am I missing something. Educate me.


  7. Elon Musk-designer of the Tesla electric car and owner od Solar city Solar Panels, and also owner of Space X, is now selling a unit for $3,000-$3500 dollars U.S. that will store power from solar cells. You no longer need inverters and batteries. It's all in one unit as big as a furnace. Great for off grid living. I believe I saw it in this month's issue of Popular Mechanics.

    I'll get back to you.


  8. My fourth grade nun squashed any artistic ability I may have had.  She returned a landscape drawing with my clouds circled asking "What are these?" .  If she could not tell they were clouds then I obviously could not draw.  My entire life I said I had no artistic ability but flourished in math(she made us do long division problems on turned paper with the red line).  I have been potting about 3 yrs now and am enjoying every minute. Pottery has allowed me to explore my creative side.

    Looking back I think I was drawing on white paper and made the clouds blue so you could see them.  Amazing how our interactions with others paints who we are.

    I didn't know you could become a nun in the fourth grade?!!? :unsure:


  9. My parents bought me those Paint by Number sets with the little pots of paint, and the numbers for each colour. Couldn't do it. Too constricting. My mom ended up finishing the paintings for me. My mother used to sit and add up 3 columns of numbers to relax. We always told her that she was adopted.

    I don't think we really had colouring books. I would have been able to stay in the lines, I think.


  10. Evelyne,


    I just like the idea of using cremation ash in glazes.  If my family would want me to do it, for one of our relatives, I would definitely do so.  I can't say I'd expect anyone to do it with my ashes.  I could demand it, and if they didn't I'd just haunt them...  Of course if they did do it, having my remains in glazed items, I may haunt them that way too...

    I guess you can't make your own ash glaze.





      BUT this idea I think is way cool! http://www.luciapottery.com/urns/urns_biodegradable.php 

    That link didn't work for me, but this one does:  http://www.luciapottery.com/urns/urns_biodegradable.php


    There was a space at the end.........


    I am going for permanence, not biodegradable. I would not want to drop one of those green urns full of ashes. The ashes are quite heavy. What if someone knocks Dad off the mantel?



    The whole idea of the biodegradable urn is that it does break down quickly in the ground.  Dust to dust, ashes to ashes and all that.  The goal isn't to entomb the ashes for time eternal but to return the body to the earth.  


    I know what the idea is.I know how long greenware lasts. I am going for eternity.



      BUT this idea I think is way cool! http://www.luciapottery.com/urns/urns_biodegradable.php 

    That link didn't work for me, but this one does:  http://www.luciapottery.com/urns/urns_biodegradable.php


    There was a space at the end.........


    I am going for permanence, not biodegradable. I would not want to drop one of those green urns full of ashes. The ashes are quite heavy. What if someone knocks Dad off the mantel?


  13. I have made several urns. I usually make two-one to be buried and one for the family.

    I made two for my mom. she died in 2003. We buried one in her grave, and then have the other on a shelf.I like the idea of having somewhere concrete to visit, as in a grave sight.

    The jars were 5 pounds of stoneware. I placed my mom in there myself. I then epoxied the lid on.. She should be good for about 2,ooo years.


  14. I struggle a bit with the whole death thing.  I still have the ashes of one of my favorite dogs and just can't part with them; however, my dad was tossed from a plane asap, and my in laws were distributed at sea.  Go figure right?  So here is my present feelings on urns etc.  I'm all about the urns as a temporary holding cell (?) until loved ones can let go, but I find adding ashes to glaze horrifying!  I can't think of anything worse than having my ashes fused with glass for time eternal.  And what if the piece of pottery my ashes were affixed to should break?  Nope, I find the whole ashes/glazing creepy.  BUT this idea I think is way cool! http://www.luciapottery.com/urns/urns_biodegradable.php 

    You mean that your dad's ashes were tossed from a plane, not your dad! Scared me there!


  15. I used to make my mugs 3/4 of a lb. Many people asked for bigger mugs, so I went to a 1 lb size and dropped the smaller size.

    I think the sizes were developed for fluids, as in pint measure. As I apprenticed in England, that's where I got my measurements. When I came back to Canada, everyone wanted bigger.

    Go figure.


  16. The organizer at the art market that i do often suggested i make some planter cause everyone loves handmade planters...i agree they love them but they don't want to pay the handmade price for them.


    Personally i love the look of terracotta in the garden and in florida the freeze thing isn't an issue but they evaporate the water so fast so i tend to use stoneware.

    PSC;Most of us made planters, or make them. The problem is as you suggested. You cannot get your price for them as you can buy 3 nesting stoneware large planters at Home Depot for $20.00. The other issue is that they take up a lot of space in the kiln, and you could fill that same space with big bowls .


  17. I just made 5, five pound planters for my teaching partner. terra cotta is good for planters-nice colour, but you have to bring them in up here for the winter. Don't forget to put a hole in the bottom and make a matching dish to catch the water..

    Planters are not a great production item because you can buy beautiful huge stoneware planters made in China from Home Depot.


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