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  1. Hey thanks Joseph F. It seems I have unknowingly taken on quite the challenge.. I just love the look of black clay! I love the photos you posted! Gah will have a try at it.. thanks for the schedule!
  2. Bciskepottery.. thanks for the helpful advice. will try it out!!
  3. Thanks for everyone's replies! Gives me.much to think about and will def get on making some test tiles.. specifically does anyone know if coating the clay in white slip before glazing will stop some of these reactions from happening?Or if a few coats would make the difference? Thanks!
  4. Rakuku and preeta... I agree 100% my ideas with these pots we to just glaze in the inside or halfway down the side to show off the black otherwise.
  5. Marcia, It is PSH 540i (pottery supply house). Mousey: good call, I looked up the msds and it lists ferrous oxide,ferric-ferrous oxide, and titanium dioxide. Again very new so not sure if the first two are synonyms for iron ore (wikipedia tells me yes) but thanks I was just going by what the ceramic store had told me.
  6. Very new to ceramics... I just bought some new black clay (made black from iron ore) and was wondering about glazing... If I dip the greenware in white slip will the iron ore still interfere with the glazes applied later on? Is there any resources where you can see how colours will change with black clay? Thanks!
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