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  1. Awesome feedback everyone...this is what I need. I know I seem paranoid but I figured it was something worth being paranoid about (especially with two little kiddos running around). @Mark C. do you have issues with the dust that is vacuumed out blowing back into the studio or anything like that? Im worried that if i suck it out it will just blow back in. Do you use a crappy vacuum or are you using the fancy separator with the metal can still? Thanks all! Sean
  2. Hi all, I work out of my garage and am accumulating quite a bit of dust. I wet mop occasionally but I'll be honest, it could be much cleaner in there. Years of woodworking has not helped the situation at all. I have small children at home so I would really like to clean up the space and keep the airborne contaminants out of the area. My question is this. What would be the best way to remove dust from the space? My first thought was to hang a HEPA filter from the ceiling (~$200-250) but I am thinking there will be a ton of clogging. I am not a production potter by any means so my use isnt huge, I am just trying to put safety first for once in my life. My second thought was to have a regular old shop vac OUTSIDE of the garage and run the tubing through the wall so that I can vacuum up debris and then any dust that escapes would be outside of my house? Could this possibly work...ie; a regular woodworking dust collection system combined with a hanging HEPA filter? I've looked all over this site and found some members that have pieced together a system from Oneida but I'm just trying to get some more recent examples and clarity. Thank you so much for the help! Cheers! Sean
  3. OK Im trying to lookup Alpine wheels...but not too excited now... Anyone else?!
  4. Hi everyone, Trying to figure out this brand from a post online. May try to buy this wheel. Can anyone ID the brand for me please? If it is working, I am trying to figure out a fair price. I know that it is very dirty! Thanks, Sean
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