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  1. Hi clay folks! I'm a technician at my local studio and we want to switch to a new colored slip pallette for some of our lessons. We currently work with a 3-5% mason stain addition. I want to make a navy blue, forest green, dark red, and mustard yellow. If you've made these colors, which mason stains (#s) work well, and what percentages do you use them at to get a vibrant color? I'll totally play with line blends too, just thought I'd check if anyone has a good starting point! Lindsey
  2. Thank you all for your advice! I have lots of experimentation to do now!
  3. Great! Thank you for the input Jeff! I'll try adding more neph sy to some of the slips i'll be using. Im curious now!
  4. @fergusonjeff @GEP Yes, a photo is a good idea. I've also emailed the artist for her input as well - but there's usually value in trying different strategies to get a certain outcome. Piece by Emma Smith.
  5. Hello again, another wood firing question for those of you with more experience! I'm going to try a few different clay bodies in an wood firing next month. I'm in Ontario, Can - so I'm going to test a porcelain and Tony Clennell's clay body for sure. I've also seen a lot of work with gorgeous deep purple/brown tones. Are there any clay bodies/slips/kiln placement that I might experiment with to get this color? Thanks, Lindsey
  6. Hello all, I'm participating in my first wood firing, and I have been doing some reading about using flashing slips. Some say they are applied thinly over bisque wear, others seem to apply before the bisque. Anyone have some experience with these methods? Photos would be greatly appreciated as well! I'm also interested in trying to spray some slips. Thanks!
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