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  1. Hay! Love the glaze pattern on your bowl!!! You did Great!!!

  2. Yes that is what I did, thought I was doing the right thing so would not stick! Thank so much! Will follow your instructions!!
  3. Thanks I will try the corn starch. I use metal and glass and one old two-piece plaster mold, all as press molds. I use plain ol' Argo Corn Starch, brushed into all the little parts of the design and so far it has worked great. Any corn starch left on the piece cooks off in the bisque firing. I used a cheap cooking spray on a metal mold when I first started using it. It stayed sticky after many uses, so I just started brushing corn starch over it and keep on using it. Maybe the earthenware is still too porous to use for a mold. I'm not knowledgeable about earthenware, but someone is certain to give you a better answer soon!
  4. I have made several molds and I'm having trouble with them sticking! Earthenware clay bisked it,using Earthenware clay. I put spray cooking oil on the mold, still sticks! Any one know what I'm not doing right? Sad Mud!
  5. Sorry, I did not find your message till today ... For some reason the system did not tell me it was here. I don't glaze my work very often. You might just need to increase the percentage of stain to get more vivid color.

  6. I have made some of these try wetting the clay then lay them on there side and roll them back and forth with the edge of the card board the clay will get bigger and you can slide them off gently Hope this is a help Sad Duck
  7. yes i ws just thinking of lower the Kiln to slow instead of Medium maybe that would do it, Thanks for the in put!!!!!
  8. Can any one help? I've bubbles on the rim of my chip & dip dish. I have fired it twice and the things just keep moving around the rim. Looks like they are little spots where you can see the unglazed clay in the middle of it. This is a wedding gift next month, Please help is you know how to fix this, sad duck
  9. Thank you I'll try and get one didn't know they had such a thing. Thanks again sad duck
  10. can anyone help me with this?? need to finish this and just can't get it cut off without cutting it in the middle or near my side.
  11. I can make this chip and dip dish but can't get it cut off the plastic bat it just cuts it up throught the middle or near the edge near me. Does any one have any idea I can try to fix this, sad duck
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