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  1. I looked at a friend's Brent and it is set up exactly like mine- only older. I came home and slathered some clay on the back of the vertical post to give it some grip. PERFECT!!
  2. I just installed my new Brent 4" wall mounted extruder and it does not grip the vertical post when I pull down. I have soft clay and I am not exerting much pressure. The install is level. Any suggestions?
  3. I have a small, old, reconditioned electric kiln with two knobs. I bisque to cone 08 and glaze fire to cone 6. I have spreadsheet I have used to track my firings (I found I cannot post it here). I would be happy to send this to you. It's not perfect, but it is a start. -Jane
  4. The worst problem I had in my studio was water. Before I had a sink I used a hose outside to wash everything down or wash everything in a 5 gallon bucket. I now have a sink, but I need to be very careful about what goes down the drain. I put a 7-6" PVC pipe that matched the diameter of the drain. I had some silica caulk and spread this on one end of the pipe. I then inserted this into drain. This allows me to run clear water into the pipe (I put a wide funnel on top of the pipe so I could aim the faucet into it) but all my rinse water goes into the sink. At the end of each day, I siphon off the water from the sink into a bucket under the sink. The next morning I can sponge all the gunk from the sink and dispose or recycle. When the bucket under the sink is full, I allow it to sit for a couple of days and settle. I then siphon the clear layer of water down the drain. Works great. -Jane
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