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  1. Are you being a knuckle head or are you serious? My strength is fine.
  2. Hi, I've been using Amaco 38 for about two years but...I'm just thinking there has to be a softer solution. Yes, I wedge. The bag has not been sitting for long at all. So, I'm looking to others for some guidance. I can center and pull fine but, I have to use more force than others in videos that I watch. I cone up and down normally to center and then use another strategy to make sure it's truly center. However, coning seems to take so much work and I see others doing it and its like they are playing with play dough. I want to do this for a long time because I love it...but, something has to give. Thanks, Leslie
  3. thanks guys. I guess i'm going to have to start work with high fire glazes, at least for functional ware.
  4. I am trying to sell my stuff. Would a low fire clay be sufficient for selling?
  5. howdy. I have been experimenting with low fire glaze that is safe for food use with stoneware clay. I am firing bisque at cone 05 and glaze firing to cone 05. My mugs look great and then I add in hot water and they start to craze. the craze is faint but, I can see lines. Should I bisque fire to 04 and keep glaze to 05? I have an old kiln so, I don't really want to use any high fire glazes so, this works best for me. Any advice will help.
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