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  1. Great tips! Seem to get very hot! Not sure of operating temp, but enough to know it works and could be useful. So can anybody recommend a part supplier online, that doesnt mind talking to a novice? I have found a manual online,. so I can at least tell him what I need! Thanks again for the tips!
  2. So in my wanderings last weekend, i found this kiln for $30 and brought it home. I just finished wiring the outlet and getting it powered up, and i have the two yellow lights on and some humming. Inside where the cones go, there is nothing on the end of the ceramic piece that the cones sit on, no metal, just the rod that goes throught the center. I am prepared to by whatever parts i will need for this. I would just like to know if there is a way to circumvenbt this, so that I can see if it heats up at all before makinf any more investment in it? And tips would be appreciated! Thansk!
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