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    We are a young and emerging clay center in Washington, DC that is enlisting the help of you all to help us hit the ground running. Excited to see what you come up with. Help us create DC's first ceramic center!
  1. This would be an awesome idea but unfortunately my family is huge and this could never happen. I will dream on tho.
  2. Let me know what works for you as far as prioritizing gifts that need to be thrown or hand built for the holiday season. This will be my first season making gifts for friends and family and I have a long list so far (at least 20 to start with). Any tips on making it a stress-free endeavor? Signed, The Newbie
  3. All great ideas. Thank you so much for your insight! We will definitely be doing those type of things as long-term goals because they can't all happen right away but definitely things we hope to start soon. District Clay is still pretty new and we technically only have 1 owner, and 5 teachers so definitely not a large operation by any means but more publicity is definitely what we want. We are attempting to build relationships in our immediate community first and then will venture out to do more. I am just a volunteer in my position (I also have a full-time job on top of this one) so we currently don't have the means to do a lot of media coverage but hopefully soon we will. We definitely have the non-profit, a board of directors for that, and fundraising sub-committees but still just trying to get a grasp at the general business systems that need to be put into place. Thank you all for your thoughts and we will 100% use a lot of them in getting this business off the ground and in the public eye.
  4. That's great advice. I definitely know we need to expand our social media so we have hired a social media manager to handle that (just this week). I have been doing our social media for about a month but you can't do everything in that time frame. We will definitely plan this out more and determine a better goal to work towards. Large donors and supporters is in our long-term plan but since we just turned into a much larger operation we are only beginning to get a grasp on what we need and can do. Thanks again!
  5. Thank you everyone for your responses. Update: The link for our website on Facebook has been fixed. Hooray! Again I am all new to this and just learning as I go so this has all been very helpful. The campaign will be very detailed to include all of the items that the funds will be helping to cover and we will create a better mission statement for sure. As far as the time thing we actually pushed this back a few weeks (were going to launch next TUESDAY....ah). We determined it was best to move it back to be able to better elaborate on our plan before launching. Although we have already expanded (and completely financially stable to do so) we are looking to implement a few new things to the studio that will give great benefits to the students and teachers we have. We would like to be able to get a new kiln, we are building a gallery (first ceramic gallery in DC!), and as said before we have started a non-profit to offer free classes to under-served families and youth. We are partnering with a few schools in the area to achieve this. These are just a few but the studio is doing it's best post-move to incorporate some new things and with the campaign we will be able to continue to elaborate on our long-term plans. I realize the urgency of this seems crazy but we have actually been planning this campaign for about 2 months now. We have a sub-committee dedicated to determining proper rewards, incentives for our students to get their friends and families to donate, and also the content and social media timeline for the whole shebang. I guess the main question we have been hoping to get clarity about would be what are some things in the next month that you all think could boost our success for this? We want to be able to do as much as possible beforehand so during the campaign there are less hiccups. Let me know if you have other thoughts but these are all great so far. Thank you! Sincerely, District Clay
  6. This all makes sense thanks so much Callie. I started working for District Clay a few months ago and have attempted to start up some new content but I think your correct about the engagement part. It is so difficult in this day and age to create "viral" and constantly engaging content. I personally think we need more unique videos but it's not always the easiest to do. We just hired a Social Media Manager so hopefully we can get some more followers through her attempts. The non-profit part is just tricky to me concerning the legal aspect. In the campaign we would 100% be very specific as to what the money is going to help fund. I think we should include the non-profit but we aren't able to use the non-profit funds for all of our construction and moving fees (we have recently expanded) and so that is the reason why we are torn about whether or not we want the whole campaign to go to the non-profit. As far as next steps, what do you think we can get going soon in order to make this a success (and quick we only have less then a month)? All your advice is great and I will definitely digest it in the next few days so we can move forward. Let me know if you can think of anything else. Thank you!
  7. We are hoping to start an Indiegogo campaign soon and are looking for some advice. We would like to start in the next month (although not ideal). Our goal is around $10,000. We are raising funds because we recently expanded and also because we are looking to give our students and teachers new equipment, a ceramic gallery, and also starting our non-profit classes for under-served families. Any tips and tricks you guys have found? Things to think about: -Rewards for supporters -Non-profit involvement (we are currently a non-profit whose goal is to give free pottery classes to families in the area) -Marketing and Social Media plans -Any other monitoring or tips specific to Indiegogo Let us know! We love your knowledge. Also if you want to check out our website to get a better idea of our studio click HERE Thank you! -District Clay Peeps
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