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  1. Thank you all for your replies What kind of clay exactly would you recommend... link would be preffered just found that shipping on clay can be quite prcey so i do not want to get the wrong stuff. THanks all
  2. Yeah I realized after I spent 100 bucks on that clay that it was really expensive in comparison to stoneware and others. I have even thought about oven clay as I have a spare oven I was going to use for powder coating just never got it setup, and ill look into some used kilns. Im just stumped on the stuff thats all over the clay that we got it seems like it will ruin the clay trying to get it off.
  3. Hello everyone let me fist start out by saying that Me and my wife are complete beginners at anything clay, I did some ceramics about 12 years ago in high school and always enjoyed it, anyways the wife has never done it but has always wanted to so I bought her a wheel and some tools to start out with for our 10 year anniversary, we just set it up tonight and decided to waste some clay trying things we have seen on youtube and things I remember from highschool, But I think i slept through the basics, so out comes some dumb questions, First since I did not want to pay for a kiln I just bought air dry clay, The clay I got was minnesota rainbow white, the clay has a green film stuff on it and my first question is what is it and how do i get it off, it peels away easy enough but creates a mess and not all the clumps come out. I know that she got excited and did not wedge the clay she just slapped in on and went, I figure the first 40 pounds of clay I bought will go to waste with practice and thats fine but I dont want things like clumpy stuff in it to hinder her ability to learn... Apart from that what are some other basics and things to know when working with clay does and donts that kind of thing, Any help would be appreciated. p.s sorry for any typos. Also would like to know what the best clay for practicing would be, best practicing techniques and just anything that will make her want to stick with it/
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