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  1. Thanks, yes I know about the Adopt a Potter scheme.. I am really looking for something for a couple of months, outside of the U.K. Thanks again though 😀
  2. Hello, I'm Sarah and this is my first post. I hope I am posting correctly. I graduated from university in the UK two years ago from a mixed media degree where I specialised in Ceramics. Since graduation I have worked with a local potter as an apprentice and volunteered to wood fire with some potters. I have also been having one to one throwing tuition for over a year and getting to the stage of starting my own business and I have just purchased my first gas kiln. My website and blog are www.sarahgeeceramics.co.uk I am particularly looking for an apprenticeship or support somewhere to work in a ceramic community or directly with a potter that wood fires. I am very interested in learning these processes and would love the opportunity to develop. Does anyone know of any potters in Europe or places in Europe that wood fire and or gas fire ? And use throwing as their main production of ceramics? I would like to stay somewhere for a month or two ideally. Thanks so much for any help you can offer. Sarah
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