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  1. Myzer, thanks for your post. I struggled a long time deciding which mixer-pugger to purchase. I like them both, and both have a good reputation and excellent customer service. For the model I wanted, the price difference was negligible. I finally decided to order the Bailey MSV25-SS which is supposed to ship in August. I think Peter Pugger has the better advertising campaign to go with their "catchy name" and the larger and more ardent following, but decided to order Bailey based on the strength of the published specs.
  2. Stephen, thanks for your comment and confirmation of each manufacturer's reputation. You are right - I am overthinking, but have decided on which machine to buy. Since I have no experience with de-airing mixer puggers, listening to experienced users on differences in the two options might temper my expectations since "you don't know what you don't know".
  3. Questions: Does the Peter Pugger VPM9 SS Hopper have to be full to start the pugging operation? Does the Bailey MSV25 SS? Can both machines maintain moist clay indefinitely in the mixing and pugging chambers? Does pitting of the aluminum machines affect the color of pugged clay? (At least one comment said dark residue gets in white stoneware.) Does pitting mean particles can be pugged out with the clay? Any Comments on differences in the machines? (see below) Bailey 1 HP vs PP .75HP Bailey pug rate of 900 Lbs/hr vs PP 500 Lbs/hr Bailey va
  4. Clay Lover: Thanks for the good information and recommendation which makes my decision more difficult since I have been leaning toward the Bailey MSV-25T.
  5. Glazenerd, could you elaboratge abit on your comment about ease of cleaning being a factor for your decision to go with Peter Pugger? Thanks
  6. Thanks so much for all the pictures and information. I have no ideas on loading more pictures. I would think the limit applies to only one post. About the sponge - Is the hopper supposed to maintain an air tight fit without the sponge?
  7. Mark C. what should I know about the use of screens? I looked at the Bailey video showing how the screens work in their mixer/pugger which is to get a better blending of the clay. Also, what is the significance of the location of the vacuum. It has to be in the later stage of the processing doesn't it?
  8. Thanks MarkC! As you see from the reply above there are fans of both machines. I will have to weigh all comments I receive and eventually take my best shot. Don't think I could miss too badly with either manufacturer.
  9. Thanks oldlady! As I expected, I now have one recommendation for Bailey and one for Peter Pugger! decisions decisions!
  10. OK, I've read most of the pugmill/mixer comments on why get one (or not), what size, and uses. I am retired, am not a production potter, and could do without a pugmill/mixer (at least until my hand/arm strength begins to fade). But, at my stage in life, I enjoy using fine equipment in my hobbies and would like to get a small to medium pugmill - not necessarily the smallest size. Now - I need to decide on the manufacturer - Bailey vs Peter Pugger. I know both manufacturers make good equipment but would appreciate hearing pros and cons on these two manufacturers including features, cost, an
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