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  1. Hey All, I'm sure this topic has come up before but I can't seem to find much in the forums. I work at a High School and therefore have a limited budget I'd like to (hopefully) spend on wheel repairs. We have 4 Shimpo RK-Whispers and one of them is on the fritz. When you start it spinning the wheel head stutters and spasms for a second before it jerkily spins. While it's spinning it emits a very high pitch squeal. I assumed it just needed to be lubricated but the stuttering is what worries me that it's something different. The wheels are about 7 years old and past the warranty I believe. Any advice would be great. Thanks! -Brett
  2. Thanks for the tips! I've looked through a lot of those and while all posters has wonderful art prints they don't have much of ceramic artists. I think I'll probably head down to the NC pottery center and see if they have a back catalog or archive of past shows.
  3. We use a very pretty satin turquoise that doesn't get the pinks as much but on brown clay changes from orange to turquoise very subtly. It pairs well with other glazes as well. I use it as a staple because it looks very different (but still very good) on my 2 different clay bodies.
  4. I recently took a job teaching ceramics at the High School level and am interested in any resources for posters, art work, and any kind of classroom decor. I think it's pretty common to everyone but all of the stuff in my current studio and past studios I've worked in have been promotional posters from shows, distributors and other artists collected over long periods of time. I was wondering if anyone knew of any places to purchase posters of specific artworks (contemporary or historical) or past shows, exhibitions etc. Everything I've found so far have just been kind of lame "inspirational" fare or generic clay puns about being "fired up" and whatnot. Anything sites or stores would be great!
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