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  1. That's a cool effect, Biglou13, but that's not what I'm looking for (although maybe I'd like to know more about that, as well). I can't find a picture of the cork effect in pottery, for the same reasons as I'm having trouble finding information - I just get results about using cork plugs in pottery, or cork items at Pottery Barn, or pottery from Cork in Ireland. I did have a couple of pieces with this effect at my Mom's house, but God only knows where they are now. But the effect is like cork board. I've attached a picture of cork board, and the pottery surface I've seen is remarkably like it. I think sometimes an artist will sometimes add a wash that darkens the crevasses. I would contact the artists whose work I've seen, but one of them is long deceased, and the other I just saw somewhere long ago, and can't remember. If anyone can recall who might have mentioned this previously, please let me know!
  2. How do I get the appearance of cork on the surface of slabs? I've seen it done, tried a number of things, and nothing seems to work. Would appreciate any instructions, or links to articles, etc. (I've searched extensively for this, but just get information back on either pottery in Cork County, or using cork stoppers, etc.) Thanks!
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