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  1. Thank you for your help, and advise. I will have him rewire it correctly! Maybe he was trying to save me the cost of buying the bigger breaker. So many roadblocks in life we need to think of as grains of sand! I appreciate the posts!
  2. 1 st post! A big shout out to everyone in clayland!!! I had my electrician hook up my kiln today! I am finally throwing again! He said not to use all three switches on high just two with one on med or I will blow a breaker! I was just going to use it for bisque. I can't remember if it will reach temp easily this way. I never had this problem before. It is a large 3 ring with an extra blank ring scutt. I can run get numbers if it helps. Will I have a problem? Should I have him rewire it correctly? Thanks in advance. Happy Trowiwing!
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