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  1. Is that something I could make myself with some clay? I will definitely look into those for my future pieces. Do you know of any tricks for touching these marks though, or are these pieces junk?
  2. Hi everyone! I'm starting to sell some pottery and I'm curious how people sell their work online. I don't have my own website because I've kind of created one through storenvy that I felt was sufficient, but i'm not sure now. I'm also on Etsy because I feel like it's a good idea to be in all of the online marketplaces in hopes of reaching more people. Do you guys think i should create my own website and be in the online marketplaces on the side? Or should I just have my own website to avoid confusion? Or is the storenvy shop enough to just be in the online marketplaces? Thanks!!
  3. Hi all! I just got a couple ^5 pieces out of the kiln that I had glazed all over and used stilts. I know stilt marks are unavoidable and simply just a part of the process if glazing all over, but I was wondering if there was any way to make them look nicer? I used a dremel (probably not the right bit) to grind the marks down, but it made the high-gloss black look crappy and the product just looks sloppy now. I saw somewhere that someone used nail polish to touch up the marks, but I feel like that will also look sloppy. I was considering some sort of gloss spray but have never tried anything like that. Anyone have any tips/suggestions (besides telling me to not glaze all over)?
  4. I saw someone say that washing bisqueware before glazing can prevent dripping in the glaze fire because it makes it less absorbent when dipping in the glaze? Does anyone else do this? I'm worried it will make the glaze crawl or something weird.. Thoughts?
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