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  1. Wow! That is stunning....thank you for sharing. I don't have anywhere near the resume that you have...I have my pieces in galleries in SK and AB, one well known one and other smaller ones, and a five star restaurant in my city serves on my pieces. So I am not a beginner, but I haven't made enough of a name for myself to reflect that in my pricing...if that makes sense? I'm thinking maybe I should just charge as if it were a functional piece ($10ish per tile x12, and $50 for the frame), which would be $170?
  2. Hey guys! I have another pricing question...I know, there's no right answer and it depends on a lot of things but I hope you all might be able to help me out...I am at a loss. I am a functional production potter, that is the pricing scheme I am familiar with. I have made a couple framed "mosaic" art pieces...not sure if there is a proper/better term for this. I have rolled out a slab of clay, cut a pattern into it, and then separated the pieces and glazed them in black and white, then put them in a frame with about a 1/8" spacing in between each piece. I really like the looks of it and hav
  3. Hey Alykat! I know this thread is a bit old but I just wanted to chime in as someone that is new to teaching pottery classes and sometimes has trouble efficiently articulating to students how they can improve...as well as someone that likes feedback while taking art classes....don't be afraid to ask your instructor to be more specific with their comments during class. If you are having trouble centering, ask your instructor if they could watch you for even just 30 seconds and ask if there is anything they might change. If you are having an issue with pulling up you might say "Hey, this is what
  4. I second this... I worked random part time jobs for the first two years of selling my pieces, as I wasn't making enough money to justify quitting everything else to do it full time. The first year of doing pottery full time was rough...I am lucky my husband works as well otherwise I don't know if my business would have made it through that year. By the second year of working at it full time I was making enough to support myself, so it can happen in a short period of time...but do be careful and have a plan for the first couple years and the slow times. I don't know about others but cashflow ca
  5. I am in Canada and just checked local online classified ads, that's where I found both. They can be hard to come by but I wasn't in a hurry when I was looking and was able to take my time. Is there a potters guild where you are? I know I have seen for sale ads run by our local guild...might be worth a try contacting a group in your area and seeing if they know of anyone that is selling?
  6. Hi Zach... I am a newbie here, and still new in the pottery world (this is my third year selling my pieces full time) I am in the process of setting up a new studio for myself and just put in my order for new equipment, here's what my costs were...(estimates, I don't have numbers in front of me) Skutt kiln (w/shelves and posts) $4,200, ventilation for kiln $600, wheel $1,200, slab roller $800. Someone else might be able to give you a better idea on glazing costs, but I just mixed up a rubbermaid bin of each of my four glazes and they cost around $100 each and will last me a couple months. If y
  7. I will check that out for sure! I'm always looking for good info on pricing, thank you! That was one of the reasons that I am rethinking my pricing...I am setting up a new studio space this summer and buying new equipment, my grandma is the clay supplier in our area and she showed me exactly how much the prices have gone up because of the dollar...on kilns, supplies etc....I just about fainted!
  8. Hi Graybeard! I am new to the forum but have read many of your posts, and just wanted to chime in to say not to be so hard on yourself. The first couple years in doing sales was trial and error for me figuring out which sales were worth going to. I went to quite a few that I look back on and think "Why on earth wouldn't I have checked that sale out more before hauling all of my stuff there!" So it very well may have been the sale, and nothing to do with your pieces at all! My first sale I sold all but one small box of pieces I had brought, then the next two I sold zero...then one more good one
  9. Hi Diesel! I am in Saskatchewan... I have heard from some that my prices are too low and am considering changing things up.This is my fifth year doing shows and I have always been apprehensive of charging too much. Seeing how high my expenses were last year has made me think twice about my prices for this year though. I do a few of the Signatures Shows at Christmas time, then mostly local sales in Regina. I do have pieces at the Galleria Inglewood in Calgary, I haven't looked at length at the other prices of pieces there, maybe I am even more off base on pricing for there. I may take you up on
  10. Thanks so much for your reply! I appreciate your advice, your work is beautiful! Ah, agateware...that may be why I wasn't getting very far in my online searches, thank you! My grandma was a production potter in the 80's and she taught me everything I know about clay, sometimes my terminology is off as I have taken on her quirks and terms! Thank you for the reminder that just because more time is spent, does not automatically make it worth more...I think I get caught up sometimes in what I have invested in a piece. I have seen lots of similar pieces online, and occasionally at away shows so
  11. I started teaching classes a few years ago, and had no idea what I was getting into! As a mostly self-taught potter myself I never realized how much I just did things, without thinking about them...or even knowing I was doing them, until I started teaching. My throwing has improved a lot since i started, from having to trouble shoot beginner problems, to having to be so aware of every movement I make at the wheel so I can explain what I'm doing to my students effectively...it's crazy. I think it's a great learning opportunity for any potter to teach someone how to throw, even just the basics.
  12. I have started ordering my bags (white kraft bags with handles) from Staples online. They have a great selection of sizes and they are pretty cheap considering how good of quality they are...I have taken small orders to galleries in them, packed heavier than I should have and have never had one break on me. I get my packing paper from newspaper printing facilities (drawing a blank for the actual word for such a place!) they sell rolls of it that is a nice thickness for packing, and easy to haul to shows. I believe it's only a couple bucks per roll, and I'll only use a couple rolls per show
  13. Hi all! I am new to the forum...I have been lurking for quite some time but decided it was time to participate I searched at length for a similar thread and couldn't find anything, I hope I'm in the right place! I have recently started making some marbled clay pieces, and the reaction I have gotten from my customers have been really positive so I am hoping to have a decent amount of them at my next sale in two weeks. I am struggling with the pricing of the pieces, and I haven't been able to find anything similar in my area to get an idea of what is reasonable. My initial thought was
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