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  1. Hi Linnet! Wood firing? Great. I'm in Florida and my only experience with wood firing is by way of Rob Withroe in Brasstown NC. I have a friend who carries a few pots up to fire in Rob's kiln. Course we have plans to have one here eventually.

    I've been working on raku lusters and having a great time. Just had Don Triece down from

    Seagrove for a workshop with our ad...

  2. Hello Angela its great to have you aboard. I'm just new at Raku but entirely absorbed with it. So I will be hanging on every thread of information. I have just a few years of ceramic experience mainly at cone 10 wood firing.

  3. Hi, I'm here from Clayart too. I think this is going to be a wonderful forum for clay questions and exchange of information.

    Right now my main interests are cone6 reduction and raku.

    I've got over 10 years experience working with clay and am always happy to answer any questions I can.

    Looking forward to some interesting reads.

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