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  1. Hi! I loved reading all these posts! I am a pottery/ceramicist living in central BC and I have come up with a formula for my pricing. I had to do quite a bit of research and math to find out how much a kiln costs me in power to fire, how much glaze it takes to cover my pots at varying sizes, and how much each glaze costs to make. (at least I know I did the research but now i can't remember how I came to this conclusion, it pays to keep your notes). Anyways please leave feedback, does this make any sense? I am not a newbie to selling my pottery but I still find pricing very intimidating. Pottery Pricing Breakdown weight of clay + hours+(firing x2)+glaze materials = cost cost x 1.5 = wholesale wholesale x 2 = retail Currently my clay prices are $40.95 per box. Each box weighs 40lbs which is 18.1kilograms. 100 g of wet clay = $.22 1hr of work = $12.50 each firing = $1.00 per piece Glaze = 1/5 of total clay/ 100g of clay = 20g of glaze 100g of glaze = $1.00 EXAMPLES Materials: 1 Decorated Mug = 600g of wet clay = $1.33 + 120g of glaze = $2.53 Time: firing =$1.00 making +glazing hours = 1.5hrs each mug = $18.75 total = $22.28 cost (recovered costs but no profit) = 44.56 at 200%markup = 33.42 at 150% markup After a few sales where I compared my pottery to others I felt my small 40.00 mugs mugs might a bit to over priced considering I'm a little bit new at this. I decided to increase the amount of clay in my porcelain mugs to 700g of wet clay and I sell them for 39.00 each in Galleries and at Shows. I chose the "wage" of 12.50 an hour because I am not master or a beginner. To put it in perspective, I have a bachelors degree in fine art and minimum wage here is $8.75 an hour.
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