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  1. thought i would add to this because I am having trouble myself! I have an older kiln, I belieive the brand is diamond.. and i have been using it on and off for about 3 years after sitting for years without use. When I started using it i was doing Low- 1 hour, Med-1 hour and high for how ever long it took for 06 cone to bend I would just turn the timer to like 20 hours just so it wouldnt under fire! Long story short, I have recently been sitting the timer for 8 hours for a glaze 06 fire and twice the kiln has switched off before the cone was bent and everything was under fired!
  2. preeta, you have no idea how happy that makes me to see that my trees are getting around! What did you think about the quality?? Again, I am VERY new at this, so I would love to hear your comments coming from someone that probably know a whole lot more then I do!
  3. I am here! Sorry guys! I did end up refiring them and they came out fine! they were defaintly underfired... Although... speaking of,, TODAY iit looks like it happened to me AGAIN! I set my shut off at 8 hours.. Yestreday I did a glaze fire and it came out perfect with the 8 hour shut off... today.. not so much!!! I am thinking maybe something is going on with the kiln now! It is a really old kiln that my finances grandmother used when she did ceramics 20+ years ago and it has been sitting for that long.. I started messing around with it about 3 years ago because she was teaching me how to do ceramics. We did not use it a aol.. mainly a few times during Christmas and that was all. This year however, I thought i would put it out there and see if I could sell the ceramic christmas trees and apparenly A LOT of people still love them like i do and I got a response from them that I never would have imagined and defaintly NOT prepared for! So since about September the kiln has been running at least 3 times a week!! I am currently still finishing up with the last few trees and NOW THIS! Lets just say i am learning A LOT THE HARD WAY! haha, but I am ok with it as long as i learn, and know how to correct it! You guys have been a TON of help through this, because his grandmother doesnt remember a lot, and she is so scared to tell me the wrong thing to do, I try to find the answeres myself first!! (sorry for my speeling mishaps, i hate writting all this from my phone!)
  4. Hi, I'm wondering is anyone can offer any advise!! I loaded my kiln about 9pm last night, and after I switched it from low to medium to high, I went to bed like normal. Today around noon I went in to going unload my stuff from the night before and to my surprise my kiln was still running!!! I turned it off right away. After letting it cool a few hours I was able to peak in the top and my trees looked like this!! They are glazed exactly the same as the other tree in the other picture though. I am wondering if maybe my kiln didn't reach temp. it should have which is why it didn't shut off and these did not fire all the way? Or if they fired to much and they are burnt?? Can anyone help me??
  5. I am pouring Christmas Trees this week and I just happen to look at one and saw the tips of the branches turning a yellowing color. I took it out the mold this morning and it has been trying since... never seen this before?? I am using Mackie slip... PLEASE HELP!!!!
  6. Would not letting molds not dry completely be causes them to turn a yellowish color?
  7. I use premixed slip that I buy locally and they are older molds, however, have not been poured in over 20 years. I just started using they again about 3 months ago and I am pouring once a day for 2 days, then letting the mold sit for a day. I did have to change the brand of slip I was using about 2 month ago I have just started noticing this over the last month or so. I started out using Mackies Slip and had to change to Miller because my supplier ran out of Mackies and said they would be put for a "while" I just think it's convenient that Miller happen to cost $3.00 more then Mackies!! Anyways.. any thoughts now??
  8. Any reason why my molds that I use frequently are to turn a yellowish color?? Please help!
  9. Nope, it was all one solid pour.. Could it have been that the slip was not mixed well enough?? My mixer is broken so I have been doing it by hand and I have been worried about not mixing it good enough.. But it is also premixed Machies Slip.
  10. I just took the back side off a Christmas platter I am making and there are a good bit of like hairline cracks but not really cracks it's just like lines... Went over it once with a paint brush and they are gone... The back of the mold has not cracks/lines anything that would do that... It's perfectly flat... Any idea why that has happened???
  11. I poured these myself as well as used that compo of glazes before... I am wondering could this happen if it was not fired long enough?
  12. Ok, let me just start with I know next to NOTHING about firing times and temps.. I kinda just started messing around in my bf's grandmothers shop that has been abandoned for over 10 years! She has forgot a lot, but she helps on things she remembers.. So anyway.. 2 nights ago I fired a load and her kiln uses the cones.. So I put in cone 6 and normally we have down an hour on low, hour on med, and put it on high and automatically shuts itself off in no longer then 2 hours.. Well that night it was well into hour 3 and still not shutting off! And it was 2am and I was tired and didn't want to leave it running incase it would shut off so I turned it off... I told her and she said she would only leave it on high for an hour and shut it off.. So the next day I opened it and the cone only had a slite bend to it.. That typically are U shape when I open the kiln the next morning... Is this something that I should be concerned about???
  13. Can this be fixed?? Or is it just garbage?? I've put this clear glaze in this type of glaze before and all that happened was there was like a light like whitish outline were I stopped... Also if that was the case would it have not at least glazed clear on the French dementions??
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