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  1. Wow, thanks so much all of you guys! I'm so happy you all actually took the time to read and respond, that means a lot to me!! Oldlady, my goal was to try something new and pretty much challenge myself to become great at the task. Once I began throwing it became apparent that it was a lot more difficult than it looked! You guys are super encouraging, here I was thinking that wasting 30lbs of clay was an absurd amount.
  2. Hi, so I'm new to ceramics, like so new I just learned how to center a month ago. So I'm liking things so far, I've just had to learn a lot on my own, my instructor isn't very detailed, but I don't want to say anything for fear of being mean. Are there any tips anyone can give me?? The fact it took me so long to learn how to center was a bit discouraging, I want to keep going with things but feel as though I suck terribly. I've wasted a 30lb block of clay because all my pieces turned out tragically. I'm honesty hoping to get good enough to be able to sell some pieces, but at this rate that could take awhile. All advice is totally welcomed!!
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