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  1. Thanks. I should be more specific. I'm looking for cone 5/6. The glaze is for the exterior, not the interior. I'm using regular black food safe glaze for the interior. I realize that the food safe component isn't as important for the exterior of a mug, but I figured I'd rather go totally food safe interior and exterior. I'm making detailed underglaze work on the exterior and just want to be sure I don't use a matte/satin glaze over it that will look too soft/cloudy. I'm new to ceramics but I've been an artist for 20 years, so I can distinguish between good and bad info. I'm just looking for suggestions I can experiment with to find what I like.
  2. Hi all. Can anyone please recommend some food safe, high fire, clear matte/satin glazes? I'll be using it over fired underglaze on slipcast mugs I'm working on. Amaco recommended their SM-10 (https://www.amaco.com/products/glaze-sm-10-clear?ref=2&taxon_id=284) to me, so I'm going to try that out. But I'd like to see what other people are using as well. They can be dippable, sprayable, brushable - anything. I just want to test some different products to find what I like best. Also, I understand that the matte/satin clears aren't entirely crystal clear in the way that gloss clears are, but how much of a difference is there? I'm relatively new to ceramics so any info will be helpful. Thanks!
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